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I'm April

creative, adventurous, fun!

I'm a Portrait, Fashion and Event Photographer specializing in Lifestyle & Storytelling. I am based in the Baltimore-Annapolis area of Maryland and available for travel all around the world. I have always seen life through a viewfinder, when I envision the image I am capturing I think of the story it will tell future generations. My approach to photography is creative, photojournalistic, fun and real!

I'm a wife and mama to 3 special needs kiddos, Gabby, Nick and Maddison.  After a few years of adventuring around the globe, my husband and I have settled back in our home state of Maryland to be with family…our wanderlust is strong, but those family ties are stronger!  I'm 1/4 of the Baltimore Birth Photography team, my passion for birth and all things babies has landed me in birth photography!  And it is such magic!



wife &

mom of 3!


traveling the world

my favorite things:

it's a beautiful thing to know where we come from

Both my parents were adopted as children and as a result, I personally don't have family trees that show our ancestral roots (my kids like to imagine that we're descendants of Viking-Ninjas!). While I still can't fill out any sort of medical history forms, because I loved documenting my children from the start, I have the power to show them how they used to fit in daddy's hand as a newborn. I can prove to them that their stubborn toddler scowl is a perfect match to their current stubborn teenage scowl. As I curate these memories for them and myself, I'm thankful that one day there will be a story to share where there once was none. Everyone has a different reason for what brings them back, over and over again, to do that thing that they love. I love documentary photography and consider photography itself as my love language. Birth photography is how I document others acting out their love; by supporting, caring for and serving each other as they bring new life into the world. So really, I'm selfish...I'm just a junkie and photography is my fix.

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